Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Students and Creativity

There are many reasons why students are not as creative. And yet there are many actions that can be taken to help them to be.

Here are some reasons why students are not as creative as they used to be:
- The No Child Left Behind program prohibits students from being creative because it leads them to focus on test scores as a oppose to thinking outside the box and being creative. Focusing on getting a better test score doesn't necessarily mean you are creative, it just means you have been studying hard for a test.

- Students believe that they will be successful in school if they can only have similar answers to teachers. This doesn't help a student to create, because this concept doesn't expand their mind.

Here are something's that can be done to change this:

-Encouraging kids to "pretend" helps them to be more creative.

-If teachers anticipate unexpected answers from students, it will provoke students to be more creative.

To add to this article, there are many things that can help a students be more creative such as creating plays and role playing and  taking classes classes that are not offered in many schools such as money management, knitting, crafting, painting and etc.


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