Friday, December 6, 2013

Great Question Asked

This video raises a great question. How do children remain an artist once they grow up? How does this happen if children are being educated out of their creative capacities. There are environments that can enhance creativity while there are environments that can also weaken it as well. Being put in an environment to create art is a practice that will enhance creativity. It enhances creativity because it not only connects us to ideas and it also transforms hearts.

I believe art can connect us to other ideas. I can personally remember taking an art class. I was one who always felt that I could not draw at all. But after taking this particular art class, I realized that I can draw, I just need guidance and time and practice. My teacher taught me simple techniques that I can do to make a painting look vivid as opposed to plain and dull. After teaching these techniques, I was given a project to do a painting on my own! I have to admit, I was nervous. However, the painting came out so beautifully. I couldn’t believe my own self! Not only was this painting on my wall for years, it led to the connection of other great ideas!

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