Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Can Forgiveness Affect Your Creativity?

Title: Can Forgiveness Affect Your Creativity?

Reflection on: A Brain on Forgiveness (Week 5)

This article has taught me several things. First off, I had no idea where in the brain  hard disappointments were stored. They are stored in the brain’s basal ganglia, which can cause you to be bitter, and even confine you from being well within similar experiences in the future. Since stress and disappointments are stored into your brain, you can replay them over and over in your mind, which does not do you any good. This is where forgiveness comes into play. Forgiveness allows your brain to be able to move forward so that you won’t be stuck on that particular situation. After reading this article I have learned that forgiveness is much bigger than making peace with the other person who has hurt you. It is about your own well being as well.

In addition to this article that I found to be quite interesting, I found a YouTube video that goes into a deeper realization of  what forgiveness really is. After watching this video, I truly believe not forgiving someone can stop you from being creative. Please share with me if you believe the same or if you think differently.


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