Sunday, October 6, 2013

Transliteracy.... A Skill?

Reflection: There are some things in life that has to change, including being transliterate. Transliteracy is a term that even some libraries are unfamiliar with. Transliteracy is about combing text literacy, visual literacy and digital literacy to see their relations to one another and to see how they interact with one another. Transliteracy is about dissecting the relationship between technology and people. The article “Introducing Transliteracy”, written by Tom Ipri, raises a good question of whether transliteracy should be “set in stone” as a skill. In my opinion, it should be because soon people will not be able to function properly without it in society. Eventually, everyone will have to learn this “skill” in order to be productive. How much of this will be teachable, I believe all depends on the different levels of transliteracy there will be. Just as there are different grade levels of literacy, the basics is what should be taught, which is where the libraries would come into play. However, there won’t be a way to fully be aware of this, until, transliteracy becomes more developed.

Bibliography :  Ipri, T. (n.d.). Introducing transliteracy . College & Research Libraries News . Retrieved October 7, 2013, from

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