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Three Kinds of Creativity (Week 7)

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Reflection: Creativity is a subject that is constantly being developed. It amazes me that people were able to create more with less compared to the creativity progress now during the 21st century. Today we have more information and materials available to us and yet there is “only a small incremental change over past practices, rather then large leaps”, as stated in the article. For example, having access to encyclopedia and than having access to the internet through the use of computers was a large leap. Today, the incremental changes consist of the shift from having a cord connected to a mouse of a computer to having a cordless mouse. Though there has been small changes made, it still does not take away from how important these changes have been.

On another note, this article taught me that there are three different kinds of creativity, which are technology, economic, and cultural and artistic creativity.
 I particularly am fond of cultural and artistic creativity the most. Cultural and artistic creativity is about coming up with a new way of thinking about anything including pictures, designs, and much more. To me this can also include quotes since they help you see life from a different perspective. For instance, the following quotes I took note of a while back made me think of things in a new way:

“The value you put on people is completely related to the value you see in your self.”

“Where there is uniqueness there is no competition.”

“If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference.”

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