Monday, September 16, 2013

It’s All about the Connection!

Week 2 –Title:  It’s All about the Connection!
Reading Reflection On: Seven Habits of Highly Connected People by Steven Downes
I enjoyed reading “Seven Habits of Highly Connected People”, written by Steven Downes. I learned several things from that article. First off, I used to think posting anything online is about sharing my viewpoints. However, from my understanding, posting is about connecting. It’s about drawing a link between what you wrote and what the other person wrote. I have also learned that it’s about adding value and thinking about ways that you can give instead of constantly thinking about “what’s in it for me?”. In the article, Downes mentioned that if your software failed to download correctly, instead of just picking up the phone and calling customer service, you can take the extra step by going online to find out what other people have done as a result of the same error message you received. If you still need help, call customer service. To take it a step further, after you have spoken to customer service and the issue has been solved, my advice is you can even add additional information online, explaining what worked for you. You can also share the number you called along with the name of the person who helped you.
Another thing I learned from this article is that sharing “increases your marketability”. I have found this to be true, especially from a friend that I have on Facebook. He is a dating coach. He is coming out with a book on dating in the near future. Every day he makes a post on Facebook sharing helpful tips that can help your love relationship in a tremendous way. He gives just enough information that keeps you interested in knowing more and then at the end of each post, he states “more information will be in the book”. This is a prime example of how sharing will increase your marketability. This strategy can be used in anything, whether you are marketing yourself or a product.



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