Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why is creativity important?


After reading the article entitled, "Creativity, Innovation and Arts Learning", I understood how important creativity is. As a student in junior high school and high school, I thought of my art and music classes as an escape from reading, writing, math, and science. At the time, it was like a mental getaway to help regroup myself to learn more of the boring subjects like calculus and biology. However, now I have realized that it's more than just a mental getaway. It's more than just a introduction to students who may want to go further into the arts or music. It's actually the key to a successful global economy. Our economy  would not be as successful if students were not taught to develop themselves through creativity.

Without the continuation of creativity, I believe more people in society would be depressed. This is because most people love new things, such as new shoes, new hairstyle,new bag,new phone,new laptop,new apartment and etc. Without new creativity people would have the same shows for years, the same phone for years, and the same apartment for years. These things can be repaired, however it would only be a matter of time before needing a new one. Because of this, schools should be notified of such information before they think about cutting off art and music classes as a result of budget cuts.

Bibliography :

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