Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Linear vs. Non- Linear

Linear vs. Non- Linear


      I absolutely loved reading the article "Can Creativity Be Taught?", written by August Turak. My boyfriend recently told me that  "you can not always follow what society tells you to do in a step by step format. Sometimes you have to step outside the box". After hearing this, I thought to myself, "well what is wrong with following a step by step formula". This article has made that answer quite evident.  From reading this article, I was able to distinguish the differences between being linear and non-linear.  Being  a linear person is about thinking in a narrow way and sticking to what is safe. For instance, the article mentioned that companies such as WordPefect  was linear becasue their focus was just on "producing the best stand-alone spreadsheet". On the other hand, non-linear is about thinking outside the box, which is what Microsoft did when they implemented not just the best spreadsheets, but also emails, word processing and much more.  

     In other words linear thinking does not bring you as far as non-linear thinking does. Non-linear thinking is what  attracts creativity. To conclude, I have learned from this article that I can be more "non-linear thinking" by going the extra mile. Because I have been taught to think in a linear way, I have to consciously become non-linear. I can do this by constantly asking myself "how can I go further?, or "what can I do to go the extra mile?" or "what can I do that would be considered living outside the box?"

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