Monday, September 16, 2013

Teachers Needed or Not Needed?

Week 2 – Title: Teachers Needed or Not Needed?
Reading Reflection On: Connectivism: Questioning the Role of the Teacher?
The article raises a good point in reference to the roles of a teacher. The question, " if technology is to point where students can access information at any time, then what facts, skills, or "big ideas", truly need to be taught under supervision of a teacher?", was asked in the article.
I believe no matter how much information students have access to through technology, the supervision of teachers is important. If there is no type of supervision, students can say that they have learned what they need to know and there would be no kind way to verify what they have learned.  For instance, during the time I was taking an independent study, I was asked to describe the meaning of a pacifist. I had mentioned that a pacifist is someone who seeks for peace within the society. The professor than asked me "if that is the case, how come some people who seek for peace are known such as Bayard Rustin, while others are not?" I was not sure of how to answer that question, even after seeking for the answer through the internet. Thankfully the professor was able to guide me to the correct answer. He was able to stretch my mind, he was able to challenge my responses, and he was also able to share information based on his  past experiences, all of which cannot not done in a guaranteed manner through technology.



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  1. I agree with you Smaxy, there will always be value in a flesh and blood mentor. However, if the trend continues, automated tests may determine the students acquisition, or lack of knowledge. Should our education system decay to such an impersonal level,an increasing number of graduates will enter the work force with inadequate skills.
    What we gain in mass-connectivism, we loose in humanity.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. As you stated,"if the trend continues, automated tests may determine the students acquisition, or lack of knowledge". But are there other ways to improve this system beside automated tests? Are there other ways teachers can be used to prevent our educational system from being impersonal?